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World Forge Client

So, after my last post I began looking for libraries that would provide the protocol pieces that I would need to make an mmorpg. If I could find that then it should be just a matter of gluing the different libraries together. After some searching a came across world forge as project for creating the tools to make mmorpgs. I had seen this project before but never got to far because they never had much to show for all their work. But this project's goals lined up with my own pretty closely the exception being my idea for making the client work. They have a couple libraries that should handle entity state client side and take care of all the low level details. The project also has a working server although a new server is in the works from what I understand. So what all of this means for me is that my desire to create an mmorpg can actually be focused on a client. The world forge has several clients already. The best from what I can tell is ember. I couldn't get Sear to even work…

I Dream of mmorpg

Ok, so maybe the title is a bit of an exaggeration but just like every other noob I want to make an mmorpg. I have wanted to do so for a long time but due to my lack of 3D programming skills I have never gotten past initial design & research stages. The other deterrent is that supposedly it takes a large team to make an mmorpg. However After reading an article series about Eternal Lands an open source mmorpg it sounds like it started with just two people. Which begs the question is it indeed possible for a handful of part time programmers/artists to create an mmorpg of reasonable quality?

The other detail to mention is that Eternal Lands is a from scratch engine. What if the team started with an existing engine. That should allow them to focus on just the game features correct? What about the server that is a whole task in of itself? Could projects Such as EAthena provide enough information about how commercial game servers work to allow developers a leg up in development?

What abou…

DataBinding DropDown SelectedValue Property

While working on an application I found the need to databind the SelectedValue property of a drop down. However I noticed that intellisense doesn't pick it up. So I asked around and was told that even though it doesn't show up using intellisense it does work. So I tried it and sure enough it worked wonderfully.

Now the value of this may not be apparent but if you are doing custom in line editing in a grid for example it can be very handy you can bind the default value of the drop down to what the value for that field is currently and populate the drop down with a list of all valid values. Additionally you can just call Databind on the grid in that case and it will populate the elements for you if you have it setup correctly.

To see what I'm talking about look at this example.

<asp:GridView runat="server" ID="gvSample" DataSource='<%# GetFavoriteFoodList() %>'>
<asp:BoundField DataField="U…

Project Attention

I'm extremely interested in technology the problem is that my interests shift frequently. As an example I would like to create a patch to make Backout RO work on wine, write a mmorpg engine, finish reading windows internals, write a hard drive filter driver that performs some caching, and finish a content management system that I started in C#. So as you can see I have a problem finishing projects :-) . Mostly because I learn something new and it leads me to want to try something else out.

I recently had an idea related to firebird an open source database that can be embedded. My idea was what if I used firebird to store game resources like tiles, models, textures, etc. Most games have there own format that they put there data into and then have some sort of caching to pull it out of the file only when needed. A database already has or should have caching functionality as well as a stable and fast storage engine. In most cases though you access a database via TCP/IP which would be …