Project Attention

I'm extremely interested in technology the problem is that my interests shift frequently. As an example I would like to create a patch to make Backout RO work on wine, write a mmorpg engine, finish reading windows internals, write a hard drive filter driver that performs some caching, and finish a content management system that I started in C#. So as you can see I have a problem finishing projects :-) . Mostly because I learn something new and it leads me to want to try something else out.

I recently had an idea related to firebird an open source database that can be embedded. My idea was what if I used firebird to store game resources like tiles, models, textures, etc. Most games have there own format that they put there data into and then have some sort of caching to pull it out of the file only when needed. A database already has or should have caching functionality as well as a stable and fast storage engine. In most cases though you access a database via TCP/IP which would be a bottle neck that would negate any possible performance edge. However firebird claims direct access on the embedded version which should be pretty fast. The question is how fast is it. Fast enough to be used by a game? I want to build a tile based rendering engine and throw in some animations and such to test the speed of embedded firefbird but I'm not sure if I can focus long enough to complete it.

Also I was thinking it would be nice to start a collection of snippets used for RPG battle logic. For example damage calculations, Element tables , etc. Maybe if this information was all available in one location people would start making better role playing games. My complaint with games lately is that they seem to be all about the graphics and functionality gets left out to make deadlines or because the architects are lame brains. Anyway if code snippets and ideas were collected and freely accessible then it would encourage the creation of more feature rich games and least in theory. I was thinking if I finish my content management system I could add functionality to it to manage this type of information. But again this requires me to focus on a single project for a long time.

As I'm writing this post I'm thinking how cool it would be to create a Firefox plugin that wrapped Irrlicht functionality to make writing web games super easy. It could do all of the rendering logic so the creator(s) of the game could focus on the game logic much as it would be if the programmer wrote a native game using Irrlicht. The difference being that it could be deployed over the net with the programmer not needing to worry about what platform the user has only if they have the plugin. Too much work though I'm too lazy for that.

Maybe I should draw projects out of a hat :-) Maybe someday my place of employment will start up a R & D program that allows me to work on this stuff during the week. I don't really care if they own it as long as I get paid :-). I just want to build this stuff.


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