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I Dream of mmorpg

Ok, so maybe the title is a bit of an exaggeration but just like every other noob I want to make an mmorpg. I have wanted to do so for a long time but due to my lack of 3D programming skills I have never gotten past initial design & research stages. The other deterrent is that supposedly it takes a large team to make an mmorpg. However After reading an article series about Eternal Lands an open source mmorpg it sounds like it started with just two people. Which begs the question is it indeed possible for a handful of part time programmers/artists to create an mmorpg of reasonable quality?

The other detail to mention is that Eternal Lands is a from scratch engine. What if the team started with an existing engine. That should allow them to focus on just the game features correct? What about the server that is a whole task in of itself? Could projects Such as EAthena provide enough information about how commercial game servers work to allow developers a leg up in development?

What abou…