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World Forge Client

So, after my last post I began looking for libraries that would provide the protocol pieces that I would need to make an mmorpg. If I could find that then it should be just a matter of gluing the different libraries together. After some searching a came across world forge as project for creating the tools to make mmorpgs. I had seen this project before but never got to far because they never had much to show for all their work. But this project's goals lined up with my own pretty closely the exception being my idea for making the client work. They have a couple libraries that should handle entity state client side and take care of all the low level details. The project also has a working server although a new server is in the works from what I understand. So what all of this means for me is that my desire to create an mmorpg can actually be focused on a client. The world forge has several clients already. The best from what I can tell is ember. I couldn't get Sear to even work…