World Forge Client

So, after my last post I began looking for libraries that would provide the protocol pieces that I would need to make an mmorpg. If I could find that then it should be just a matter of gluing the different libraries together. After some searching a came across world forge as project for creating the tools to make mmorpgs. I had seen this project before but never got to far because they never had much to show for all their work. But this project's goals lined up with my own pretty closely the exception being my idea for making the client work. They have a couple libraries that should handle entity state client side and take care of all the low level details. The project also has a working server although a new server is in the works from what I understand. So what all of this means for me is that my desire to create an mmorpg can actually be focused on a client. The world forge has several clients already. The best from what I can tell is ember. I couldn't get Sear to even work it exits right after launching with no indication as to what the issue is with it. So with that said I'm using Ember as example code. However Ember uses Ogre which is just a rendering engine and I'm using Irrlicht which is a full game engine. So there are many differences in code as a matter of fact there is no code sharing currently I'm only using it as an example to understand how the client libraries tie in.

Now for the fun details I have been working on my world forge client for a while now. I'm avoiding tieing into Eris(a world forge client library) yet because from what I understand there is a 1.4 version comming out that will change the API. No sense tieing to a changin API. So right now anything that would result in a call to the world forge client API is a stub and I spit out the inputs to the console to make sure everything is getting passed around correctly.

I'm quickly aproaching the time when I will need to start tieing to the world forge client libraries however I still have some framework stuff to do as well as adding sound support. I was also thinking about movie playback I'm not sure how to do that using irrlicht. At any rate I have made some good progress despite the fact I only have about a days worth of real work in on the thing.

Not that anyone will read this but this could be a pretty cool project once it gets off the ground. Nearly everything should be better with this client with the exception that I heard a rumor that Irrlicht is slower than Ogre with large scenes. Which is exactly the kind of scenes that will be used in an mmorpg.

So the last thing on my mind is the license I need to find out what license I can use while linking to the existing world forge stuff. It would be nice if I could use like a zlib or bsd style license so people can make closed source stuff. Many companies can't go open source with there game code because they license portions from other companies and some companies just plain fear open source. I would be happy if companies used my client code for making comercial games. I just want better games in less time. If they could focus on polishing gameplay and graphics games would be better than struggling with brand new engine code every single game.


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