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MMORPG Server/Client

Alright so I realize I don't have the man power to complete my dream mmorpg & joining an existing project hasn't really worked thus far. So I have decided to continue work on my client but add too that a server. I haven't fleshed out the protocol yet but I plan on using enet which should take care of keeping packets together and give me the efficiency I need to make it viable.

In short my goal hasn't really changed I still wish to provide information & resources to increase the quality of role playing games. However my method of doing so has changed.

I plan to release the code for my client and server under a permissive license once I'm closer to something that works. My biggest concern at this point is that I haven't reused enough code to trim the amount of time off I wanted from the coding time. I really don't want to code for a year before I can start adding rules and such.

With this thought in mind I may leave the client with minimal connectivity &…

World Forge Client Death

Alright, so I basically scrapped the irrlicht world forge client idea. However not for the reasons you might think. I got to the point where I was ready to integrate with the eris & altas libraries only to realize they were GPL not LGPL. Which begs the question big deal your were going to open source it anyway right? Well yes however this prevents me from releasing the code under a license that allows developers to release closed source derivitives. That is a problem because people looking to make a serious game will want to add extra anti hack measures and other security features that are less than helpful if the source is released. So my conclusion is that the client software must be able to be closed source in a final product. I want the code to be open but my desire to reuse and share code does not exceed my common sense. So in short my project goals as it turns out do not mesh with those of world forge. Which is unfortunate because they seem to be the closest thing I have see…