MMORPG Server/Client

Alright so I realize I don't have the man power to complete my dream mmorpg & joining an existing project hasn't really worked thus far. So I have decided to continue work on my client but add too that a server. I haven't fleshed out the protocol yet but I plan on using enet which should take care of keeping packets together and give me the efficiency I need to make it viable.

In short my goal hasn't really changed I still wish to provide information & resources to increase the quality of role playing games. However my method of doing so has changed.

I plan to release the code for my client and server under a permissive license once I'm closer to something that works. My biggest concern at this point is that I haven't reused enough code to trim the amount of time off I wanted from the coding time. I really don't want to code for a year before I can start adding rules and such.

With this thought in mind I may leave the client with minimal connectivity & diagnostics. I don't really have enough test graphics to play with the features any way.

There is also a possibility I will have someone else on this project that maybe more inclined to work on the the client. That is an unknown at this point though. I could sure use the help.

On a related note I have begun adding the information about my ideal game to the website I just started. Hopefully Google doesn't decide to end the service.


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