I have been thinking about the AI in my game. I was sort of hoping I would find a sweet open source AI library that would cleanly tie into my server and handle it all for me. Well it looks like that isn't going to happen. OpenAI has not been touched since 2001 and I could not find any other AI libraries that sounded promising.

So, how am I going to take care of this? Well I'm thinking just a simple bit of code in my not yet created AI manager.

Some thing like if below 60% health heal(50% chance). If surrounded by 3 or more enemies use AOE if exists(50% chance). If not opponent is above 90% use curse skill if exists(50% chance). If no curse skill or isn't below 90% use single target attack(100%).

Above when I refer to curse I'm talking about damage over time as well.

That should be enough to make it work for the most part. I may refine it later but I think that is enough to give players a bit of challenge.

By the way the above could probably be handled with an unbalanced btree FYI.

ps. Taxes suck allot. Why do I have to sign my return with my AGI. It's not like someone will forge my tax return I mean they wouldn't get any money out of it.


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