Custom Camera

Alright folks here is the deal. I'm now realizing that I need to create a custom camera. There are a few things that I need to add that are not available to me in the fps camera.

A few of which are as follows.
Right click to look(critical for gui usage),
OpenAL listener location updating,
and reporting movement to the server via my client class.

I was thinking of a proxy class but me guess is that I would need to implement some of the functionality again anyway. So that would be overhead with little benefit.

I may just encapsulate the listener object in the camera that way it all gets cleaned up at the same time. Right now I'm just creating and disposing in the application class.

I'm probably going to do the same for the animated mesh node but I may just create a proxy class for those. Mainly because in that case I'm just catching some data sent to it and updating the sound source. I can also easily create a reference to each one of these if I'm using a custom function that wraps animated meshes in a scene node proxy class.

The reference will be needed so the client class can update them using server provided locations.

I should not need to do anything with static meshes because they will not create sound. Fire's, waterfalls, and other such things will but they are animated meshes. I'm not sure how I'm going to load those to be honest. I'm thinking about having placeholders and replacing them at run time.

mmm 1337 hax nomnom.


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