No Poison yet

Alright so I have not implemented anyway to resist poison. There is a base poison damage type but to be honest I need a poison subtype or more likely at this point different poison types. For example DAMAGE_TYPE_POISON_SPIDER or something. The reason is that immunity/resistance to one poison type should not protect you from all poison.

Most games completely wiff that concept and make poison just like any other damage type. I'm going to need a good chunk of time to implement such a thing though so I plan to wait until after I can at least walk around in my game world.

I'm afraid if I spend too much time on state management I will get bored and give up before I get any visible results. I want this project to last and not end up another unfinished for fun project.

On the other hand state management and combat calculations are easy for me so it is easy to get into a groove of sorts where I just work on that neglecting the pieces that make it work just as server /client interaction.

Only time will tell how this whole thing is going to work out.


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