poison at last.

So after my last post I realized that I didn't need anything special to handle poison damage. I just needed more types that are poison. I divided poison up by poison sources. I thought mostly of organic poison sources such as spiders, snakes, and toads. However I did include an acid type and a generic for odd types that pop up later.

The acid type I'm not completely sure I want to be resistible but I need it to be a type for creates that are immune like a creature made of acid or something.

Now there is a way to apply poison damage and resist it. The missing piece now is damage over time but I plan to implement that in such a way that any damage type can be used. That way I can do things like curses & burning effects.

I also need aoe stuff but I think I may just implement that inside of the skill functions. Possibly select targets in a radius around the source or a single target depending on how the skill works.


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