Alright so I was just thinking about titles. Most games use them to show off achievements but I was thinking of using it as a role indicator.

Let me explain. Most online role playing games have some sort of class system. In that class system there are certain assumptions you can make about a player based on their class. For one you can tell there archetype(Healer,Tank,DPS, other support).

In a classes less environment like the one I have in mind for my game there is no way to extract this information without getting to know a player. And while there are advantages to that I want people to be able to pick up and play. Sometimes the best way to make new in game friends is to do a mission with them and realize that their play style meshes well with your own.

So, my solution to this problem is a title system where your most used skills give you a title.
I already need to give skills a general category for the AI I talked about in my last post to work correctly. So I just need to have a title for each category. I can sum the level of each skill of a category and select the players title based on that summation.

I was thinking of the following.

DPS = "the Deadly"
Healer = "the Merciful"
Tank = "the Strong"
Other Support = "the helpful"

Some of these maybe a little cheesy but their meaning should be pretty obvious. Which is kind of the point. I think this will work.


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