Quick thought on passive skills.

As I was thinking about passive skills I'm thinking about having them be completely different from active skills in the system. I'm thinking about having just a collection of actual passive skills objects in the combatant class. The reason I'm using a locator & vector approach with active skills is because the client requests their use via id. That does not happen with passive skills.

Also if I make passive skills held in the combatant manager I will have a circular dependency because the active skills will need access one way or another to the passive skills to calculate damage. The passive proficiency skills as well as any applicable bloodline traits need to be applied the weapon damage before the active skill runs it's calculations.

I'm probably going to run with this idea and hope I don't run into any blockers. So far I feel pretty fortunate everything in the design seems to fit together nicely. Too bad it will all fall apart in the testing phase. :-(


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