I have been idle on my project for a little while now. This is mostly due to the fact that a friend of mine talked me into playing wow with a few friends.

The dungeons/instances are pretty fun with a good group. However leveling feels like an endless grind. I'm not sure I can take it long enough to get to the "fun" stuff.

As a matter of fact I would rather be coding than doing solo stuff in wow. That doesn't mean a whole lot I guess because I enjoy coding but a game should be fun.

Somehow all the new games seem to want to make me do boring and sometimes irritating things before I get to anything fun. And then I have to go back to the boring & irritating stuff. It is like some kind of sick torture.

This is unacceptable. This reminds me of why I started this project. Commercial games these days are horrible. I expected to develop this as a sample and wanted to pass the torch but at this point I'm not sure any of these people can be trusted to make anything worthwhile anymore.

So, now to the point of my rant. I'm thinking about special quests to help a player build up a given attribute. My goal being to remove the need for grinding at all. Players will of course have the freedom to grind if they like. Just like they have the freedom to watch paint dry.

Now these quests will probably be story archs. What I mean is there will be a story that the user goes through while completing these quests. Some of these maybe humorous. Anything to break up the button mashing.

Also, I'm planning on rewarding wisdom levels as with any quest. This will allow users to train a given stat without falling behind on wisdom levels. Keep in mind wisdom increases effectiveness of skills.

One other issue is quest grinding which the above is in danger of causing. So to prevent that I'm planning on using fewer long quests instead of a bunch of easy quests. I want each quest in the game to be both challenging and rewarding.

People who want faceroll can play wow.


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