Dodge & Weight

I plan to use agility to determine a players chance to dodge an attack. In addition I want the chance to dodge to be effected by the users weight. In short if a user is loaded down they should not be able to dodge as effectively as when they are not loaded down.

What I planning on doing is making the dodge score be reduced by the users weight in proportion to capacity.

Something like the following formula.

dodge score = base dodge score / (current weight / weight limit)

This does mean that you will never reach 100% of you base dodge score but honestly this is probably more realistic. The purpose of these is to provide a game that is realistic enough to make sense but allow players to do things that they can't do for real.

This also means that being the guy that runs around and loots everything is a valid job now. Allowing one player to be a pack mule of sorts will actually be meaningful with this system. Some players won't like this feature but keep in mind the more you run around loaded down the more your strength will grow and the less this will effect you with the same amount of weight.

I'm thinking of just giving strength experience over time when the user is above 50% of capacity. That should make leveling easy if your the pack mule but make it hard enough your still useful. :-)


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