Encounter Molding

I have identified a problem with most role playing games. The challenges are static. So players are encouraged to go with certain classes or skills to over come these challenges in the most effective way.

I don't know how many of you feel about D & D but a friend was explaining to me how it was the dungeon masters job to make sure challenges appeared that made all the characters useful. So I was thinking there needs to be someway to achieve that in my game.

The problem is of course having tons of Game masters running around tweaking things isn't practical and could also result in some very bad circumstances.

So, here is my idea. I intend for portions of the game to be instanced. So what I thinking about is adding modifications to the creatures in these instanced areas based on what skills the players have. If a player has water skills there is a chance some of the creatures will be fire property. If there is a priest type character with anti-undead skills there will be some undead creatures.

This is what I mean by encounter molding. Instead of forcing the player into a style of play. I'm molding the experience to work with the players.

So in this model each encounter would be mapped out but the exact mods would depend on the players that enter the instance. It of course would be weighted the more players with a give skill the more a corresponding mod will show up in an instance. That way each character gets a chance to show their worth.

This is a large departure from the standard mmorpg methodology. Most of the time the tweaked builds that work best are posted on forums and such anyway so at the end of the day all the characters are clones. There is little if any point to allowing a player choices if only select choices will work. As far as I'm concerned that is basically a noobie trap. Which is a horrible idea if you wan't a community to grow.

This system will be dificult to implement and it will also be a long time before I get that far. I'm still working on basic network messenging. On the up side I canceled wow so I won't be as destracted.


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