So, heads up to anyone actually reading this. I'm planning on going back to college for another degree in September. My guess is my progress on the project will greatly decrease at that point. I'm gonna have to get my butt in gear to get a demo out before then. My Goal for my first demo is to be able to see and talk to other characters on a map. Combat, map switching, environment interaction and other goodies will have to wait.

The primary blockers at this point are as follows.

1. Currently there is no actually network functionality.
2. There is no way to access the GUI elements because of the existing camera.
3. There is no clean way to report player movement to the server because of the existing camera.
4. The Chat window doesn't really do any thing yet.

So, based off of the above the first order of business will be to create a new camera that supports the above functionality.

Second I will need to actually build in some stubs in the chat window to make way for actual functionality.

Third I will need to complete enough of the network logic on both the client and server to do public chat and login. Stubs will abound.

And Last I need to tie the chat window stubs into the new network functionality.

This is gonna be a large chunk of work I only hope I can complete at least most of it before the slow down.

Guess I should have started creating a wireless mesh network and learning Japanese on the side. haha


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