So, I got distracted from the necessary tasks for 0.1.0 and created a new class called IWaterSceneNode.

Despite the name it isn't really an interface so much as a base class for water scene nodes with no drawing logic. (the cheesecake is a lie)

The plan is to at some point create a water scene node that handles the surface as well as the camera effects to make it look like your in water when the camera is inside the node. Also I added some stubbed logic to my custom scene node animator to modify gravity and movement speed when in water.

I have a feeling that when all is said and done my scene node animator will be monstrous in size. There needs to be allot of plumbing in that class.

I'm also going to need to construct another scene node animator for the other players. One that will need to be referenced and updated from inside the client class.

This is a long way off though because I still have no network functionality. Lots of stubs though lol.


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