Movement updates

I have now added more logic to the client & server for the movement code. for 0.1.0 I intend to bypass the login code and assume everyone is on the same map. That should be easy to do because I can just leave the map index at zero.

The biggest problem is going to be I have no idea if my networking code is correct. Once I get enough code to pass this message back and forth I will probably need allot of debug time to get this correct.

If it works the first go I'll be impressed.

Also I merged some of the data structures between the client & Server. This reduces maintenance but it also makes the project look like an include nightmare. Or at least the start of one.

I don't think I can avoid that though so I'm going to roll with it. I could just add all of that to a library but I don't want to do that. One for performance and another because I want to keep all of this logic in the actually projects were possible to keep from having library issues.

So basically what I'm saying is I think I have chosen the lesser of two evils at least in this case.

Ok, my eyes burn, I'm tired, and my hands are getting stiff. It's time for sleep.


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