I'm planning on making the patcher for the game using wxwidgets. It has an acceptable license and it is cross platform. Also there is a nice little designer included with codeblocks. Plus codeblocks itself is built with it.

If I can get this to work the way I want then this will work fantastic. Like most patchers I plan to embed a small browser panel in it that points to a predefined site. Which to begin with will probably be my site. I plan to use webkits if I can get it to work like that. That would be sweet.

I haven't decided what I will use for my patching protocol yet though. I'm thinking about rsync to be honest if I can find a library with an acceptable license.

That would be so awsome diferential transfers on a patcher. I wouldn't have to do anything really it would be able to figure out if the server had a newer version or not and push out the updated parts.

I'm getting excited just thinking about this. I may end up taking a short break from the client just long enough to get the basic bits of a patcher down.

There are open source patchers availible for ragnarok and other such games. However those are specific to the games resource storage formats. Also I have yet to see one that is bsd or similarly licensed. Most are GPL or closed source freeware.

The other problem is that all of the ones I have seen are win32 only they use windows forms instead of a more portable solution. So they basically fail at both of my key project goals.

Licenses that allow closed source products to be produced & cross platform.

This is gonna be pretty sweet though a cross platform game patcher.


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