Plugin success well sort of.

I finally got the plugin to build with Microsoft's compiler after which irredit was happy to load it. I did notice that it just assumes you created icons an placed them in the resources folder. So naturally I got another error.

That was a simple fix though I just created some stuff and threw them in there and it worked. However there seems to be a flaw in my code somewhere because the nodes don't have a type.

Which as far as I know means they can't be loaded. Also when you exit irredit after adding one of my nice custom nodes it dies. The file will still write out ok though if you saved.

I'm not sure what is causing the crashing but now that I'm thinking about it I think I know why they don't have a type. I think there is a getType function I have to overload.

Sigh, I hate examples that are incomplete. It really makes it hard to tell what is needed. Well I guess the rest of you can save yourself some pain and suffering by looking at my code after I get it working.

That is after all part of the purpose of this project is to provide actual working code as an example. Isn't open source great.


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