Quick Patcher Update

I still don't have sync functionality nor an embedded browser. It can however load the client by click a play button near the center on the bottom. That seems more or less standard. I also have an exit & setup button. The setup button points to a currently non existent setup application for setting resolution & such.

I'm using wxShell to run the programs. I did notice that I created a shortcut on my desktop to the application and if I run it that way the play button crashes. If I click on it from inside the folder it works perfectly. I have no idea what the problem is I checked the working directory and it is correct. Also the client loads most if not all of the resources before crashing so I'm not sure what the deal is at all.

I think I'm gonna call that good for a while because wxmozilla & wxwebkits seem underdeveloped and not very windows developer friendly. And frankly I need the to be easy to get to build on all supported platforms. Also rsynclib seems like a pain in the butt as well so I'm gonna hold off on that for a while.

It's not like I don't have plenty of work to do elsewhere. But anyway if any of you want to hack away at the patcher it is up in subversion on the source forge page.


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