Scene nodes

Alright so I over looked the obvious with the custom scene nodes. They don't have to be added to the scene by some method of the scene manager. They are added via their base class. So it looks like I was making things to complicated. I could have simply created and instance and been done. Assuming my code was all in working order of course. Which in the case of the camera related code it clearly wasn't.

Regardless I have made some nice progress related to custom scene nodes. I have a working openal sound node I constructed myself and a nice water scene node that I got from the irrlicht forums that I heavily modified. Both of which currently can be are created by my factory class.

I intended on creating a plugin for irredit to allow these to be placed using the editor. However it appears the plugin would only work if I compiled it with microsofts compiler. Something about a difference in the calling convention for dll import & stdcall decorated functions.

Basically I get a big fat error message from irredit that it can't find the function it needs to call to get an instance of the factory class.

I know code blocks can use microsofts compiler so I'm gonna look into that. In this case it isn't that big of a deal for the simple reason that irredit only works on windows anyway.

I plan to expand my factory to create all the custom scene nodes I use. I'm not sure how many I will end up using but I'm probably gonna grab anything usefull with an acceptable license.


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