0.3.0 is near

I finally got the voice chat working as of this writing the code in SVN will now perform the promised 3d voice chat.

So what is left for 0.3.0 you ask. Well for starters I need to do all of my cross compiling and make sure this thing still builds on Linux. Also I need to make it build on Mac now that I have one to work with.

I'm sorry to say though that I'm not going to support BSD & Open Solaris. It isn't that I don't want to but I tinkered around with them in a VM and had troubles getting everything I needed installed. Some of the stuff I would probably end up building from source myself.

And also I know how to compile stuff from source (obviously) I don't want to have to go through building dependencies. Of course if someone is willing to go through all of that work be my guest.

I'm planning on building on Gentoo Linux for my Linux binary. I haven't decided if I will make an ebuild or not though. Depends entirely on how much work that would be. I wouldn't hold your breath as I have never made an ebuild so it would probably be dificult to produce a good quality one on my first attempt.

The reason I'm mentioning the version of linux is that there is a good possibility there will be header path differences and such. Also some packages may not exist for your distro of choice so you may have to build from source or something. If you want to make your own binary that is.

The other thing is I would like to tidy up the UI a bit so it looks a bit better for it's first binary release. First impressions are important after all.

Alright back to work or sleep I'm not sure I do have church tomorrow and I don't code on Sunday so it may be Monday before I get anything else out.


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