0.3.0 Released

Finally, the release that some have been waiting for a little bit. In truth I have probably been more excited about this release from a technical stand point because of all the advances required to accomplish the promised functionality.

The binaries aren't packaged fancy they are just in a 7zip archive but that should work. As mentioned in my previous post I didn't produce a Mac binary like I intended to because of issues with the tools. I may create a binary later from the 0.3.0 branch if the tools show signs of improved stability.

As always I created a branch for 0.3.0 however the branch doesn't include the license files that were added to the binary packages. These were and afterthought.

You can of course pull them from the development version at any time. Those are unlikely to change.

I meant to have this release out earlier but I decided to go see transformers with some friends instead. Oh well whats a couple extra hours of waiting.

Alright signing out now.


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