0.3.0 roll out plans

I have allot of work to do before I can release 0.3.0. After all I'm only on version 0.1.0 right now. So I'm working toward 0.2.0. Also I plan to put allot more spit and Polish into 0.3.0 because I plan to make binary releases to platforms other than windows. Part of the reason for this is that 0.3.0 will be able to be used as a chat system of sorts. That isn't the ultimate goal but it becomes useful at that point.

Also it will probably be a while before I do this again so I want to give people something to play with while I'm hard at work on newer versions. Or studying for college if I'm in college by that point. I may not even finish 0.3.0 before I start college although I would really like to.

I'm thinking about actually implementing the user logic on the server and database so people can actually use it in a live environment. I haven't made up my mind on that yet though because that would take longer.

Also my mapper is supposed to be back in town soon so the next release may have a nice map to run around in. Also it could be that we end up playing video games and don't do anything. You never know with us. I would say it is 50/50.

But at any rate I'm on my way to having a mac build environment setup. I'm still not having any luck with bsd or open solaris though. I'm not even sure all of the libraries I need are ported to those platforms.

The code should be relatively portable so it should be possible for me to build the libraries I need on the target platforms but that seems like a hack. I don't like doing that on systems that have proper package management systems. It should be able to just pull those libraries so I don't have to do that.

However some of these may simply lack a maintainer but I don't really want to fill that role because this project is enough work as it is without complicating it.

So at least for 0.3.0 the target platforms will probably be Windows, Linux, and Mac. Those are the three big guys anyway. I may do a linux 32 & 64 bit build but only because I have both laying around and they are the same distro(gentoo) so it would be easy to do once I got it to build for one. Of course I may just make an ebuild and see what happens. I mean that could allow me to get feedback from users on other architectures. Something that I haven't tested at all but it would be cool if it worked. I'm sure it would build for the most part and I have been pretty careful about using int32 or size_t instead of like int so all the types should be the correct sizes regardless of word size on the target platform.

The exception to that is of course the size_t but I'm not passing that across that network that is only for internal values so that will actually be the word size if it is bigger that 32bit. Otherwise it will be 32bit so I know that I will always have 32bit in those cases.

That should make it pretty safe to use on any platform. There would of course be a performance penalty on 16bit platforms but I don't see those being a popular target. First of all because they are unlikely to have the graphics hardware to run the game anyway. They maybe have the ability to do the server stuff but I think it is more likely that sparc or x86 systems will be used for the servers. And x86 & x86_64 will probably be the most popular targets for the client.

The older mac machines will probably be targets as well but I have no plans to support macs that are not running Intel compatible chips.

But anyway the way this will probably play out is that I will have a source release with my normal branch in svn. Followed with a windows binary release because that is my main development platform.

Then a week later the others should be out. I will probably be releasing them as I create & test them but I'm giving myself a week because I don't know what kind of issues I'm going to run into.

On second thought I may just wait until I can build on every platform before making the release because I want the branch to build on all of the platforms.

Also before I forget I guess there are some stability issues with code blocks on mac so I may end up using xcode. That is fine with me it actually works pretty good from what I can remember.

I guess early users will need to just get what they need from the trunk lol.

Running a project is hard work specially when you decide to take on something of this scale and support multiple platforms to boot.

Oh well the next time a company with a team of programmers says they can't support a second platform I'll have every right to call them noobs & hacks to their face. Although I probably wouldn't haha.

Man after typing on a ergo keyboard for so long this is rough.

Alright folks that is all for now. Keep an eye on the svn and I'll try to get something for you guys to play with out soon.


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