As much as I would like to announce ground breaking progress. I haven't been very productive. At least not in regards to the project.

I have been doing allot of PC repair type stuff. As a result I have also updated my cd case of tools & Operating systems. It now includes a couple flavors of BSD. BSD has always interested me since I heard about it a long time ago but I had never gotten it to install and work.

That changed recently as I got a PCBSD install to work and it was quite nice. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to use multiple hard disks so I ended up replacing it with open suse.

Next time I need to install an operating system on a single disk system though PCBSD is a definate possibility.

As for the project the last progress I almost got basic chat working the other night. I still need some work in the message classes though I think because they don't seem to be working quite right. There are probably some other bugs that I just haven't uncovered yet.

Also I got myself a mac for college so I'm probably going to be tinkering with that most of tomorrow if it comes. The truth is I also wanted it so I could make Mac releases.

So the strait dope is I'm about a week behind because of all of this but I guess that happens.


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