Fink on Mac OS X

After thought here. For those of you who don't know there is a piece of software called fink that installs all of your favorite open source Linux apps on Mac OS X. Or at least a good amount of them.

Of course there is more to the application than just downloading them. You can actually build them from source if you have apple's dev tools installed. Also it is downloading modified versions of some of the packages that work on Mac OS X. I'm not sure about all the changes they had to make to make all of this work but good job folks.

It kind of reminds me have gentoo's portage but for Mac OS X. So of course I instantly like it allot lol.

But anyway I may have some dependencies from fink in my project. I haven't found binary packages for some of my dependencies so I'm thinking I will need to compile them using fink and apple's version of GCC. I think it is basically regular GCC4 though so I should be good to go.

I'll also have to deal with bundles and all that fun Mac crap. Oh well learning experience. Not as much as my first crash course in Mac development but this one will be more productive.


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