Getting close to 0.1.0

I haven't gotten a whole lot done the last couple days I have been busy with some work unrelated to the project.

However I added a small hack to the server that gives characters a fake id. That will allow them to be identified by other clients. Unless I have forgotten something the server is ready for 0.1.0 with the exception of the character creation screen which I plan to drop from the release. Forcing users to create characters that are not stored at all seems like a bother.

So now the big thing left is creating models for other players that don't have them when the state change packet is received and delete them when said packet has the is leaving property set to true.

I feel this release is close. Maybe some time this weekend if all goes well.


  1. ill be back the 21th i think and im ready to start working on maps some more and stuff WOOT!!!

    Avery S.

  2. that was suppose to say the 21st not 21th but what ever typos add character


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