Mac attack

So, anyone checking the svn has noticed I have been making tweaks all over to allow the client & server to build on Mac & Linux.

Linux was pretty easy at least on Gentoo. I just had to emerge all of the dependencies and boom the headers were all where I needed them. Gentoo is my favorite.

I had to make a few small tweaks here and there but for the most part it was portable.

Mac on the other hand has been like pulling teeth the whole way.

I got a good chunk of the dependencies via fink. If memory serves I had to build all the rest from source which I hate doing manually. So already at that point I had more work invested in mac then I did for Windows & Linux build environments put together.

Then came the issues with the Mac version of codeblocks. It kept crashing on me so again modifying the project files was like pulling teeth. I actually used a text editor a few times because I was having so many crashes.

I finally got it to compile sometime around 4:00 AM this morning. However it was still not linking because it wasn't finding the Irrlicht library which was clearly in the linker's search directory. Ugh!

So I called it a night and started on it again today. I'm having issues even using codeblocks at this point. As soon as I open it the thing crashes. So here is what I'm thinking. I'm gonna pause my work on the Mac binary because it has more to do with tool trouble than anything else so I'm just gonna wait for the next version of codeblocks to come out for Mac.

I could probably make an xcode project but I don't want to. I really only want to deal with one IDE/compiler. Xcode uses gcc so that wouldn't be a problem but then I would have to maintain two project files for each project. No thanks.

So anyway those of you looking forward to a Mac release will have to wait a while.


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