Here I go again getting detracted.

I deciced to go with PostgreSQL for my database. This desision is in part because the license is commercial friendly but also because the database is very feature rich and capable of handling large amounts of data.

The general idea being that the game server acts as a state machine of sorts and it saves it's data back to the database on a regular interval. And of course when the player logs out thier data would be saved then as well.

I've only added some basic stubs for the data access class. I'm planning on just throwing all the database stuff in there. Normaly I would break it out into a class for each type of thing but in the past when I did that I ended up just creating instances of other data access classes in others to handle complex data structures containing other complex data structures.

The issue is just that there is no clean division because by nature all of the data is linked in one way or another. Now that said I would probably still try to break it up in some way for my own sanity but I'm just using it as a storage backend so simple saving, loading, and creating is all I'm doing. There are no searches or anything of that nature that you would have in a business application.

That may change but I like the one class approach at least for now.

I'm gonna have to cut this effort short for obvious reasons but I can at least link some of the stubs elsewhere in the server to the new data access stubs.

On a somewhat unrelated note I tracked down and fixed the message corruption issue I was having. So I can start creating more message types.


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