Random crash Frustration.

I have been working on getting the voice chat to work and I thought I was close before because I got garbage to come out of the speakers.

Well come to find out the data was getting big time corrupt. I have since fixed those issues however now I'm crashing when I use the voice chat feature. This is frustration because I get no error messages it just gives up the ghost. That is of course after one or two audio checksums have been taken. So it seems like it almost works twice and bites the dust.

This makes no sense to me right now. I guess I need to step back from it and take a break. I did take a bit of brake before posting this. I added some slash commands including but not limited to "camp" My buddy Avery informed me that is his favorite mmorpg command so I thought I should add it.

Slash commands are obiously not all that important at this point but it was a distraction I was hoping for an epiphany or something. Oh well I guess I need to just call it a night and dig in tomorrow when I get the chance.

I also added a web browser class. The more I think about it the more I realize this is a must have feature for the game. Being able to point a user to an online help page allows a single point for help. Users can them access that information in or out of game. Also it is handy to be able to pull up a browser inside of the game while running full screen.

I currently run in windowed mode so it isn't a big deal but I know some people who can't stand windowed mode for games.

I saw someone already built an irrlicht Mozilla embedding example but it is a year old and looks like crap (no offense) I would have to rewrite it from scratch using the same libraries that the author used of course.

I think the best way to do it would be to implement it as a GUI element. That way you could just throw it inside of a window element.

Well anyhow sleep time.


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