Ok, for those of you who don't know Virtual Box is an open source virtual machine. Similar to VMware. One notable difference is that they have a free open source version that has 3d acceleration for OpenGL. What that means is for example you could actually play a game in a virtual machine as long as it uses OpenGL and not DirectX.

The down side is of course that most games these days seem to use DirectX.

However the game I'm working on can use DirectX or OpenGL via the irrlicht engine. And I'm currently using OpenGL. So what this means for the project is that when the time comes I can install various different operating systems inside different virtual machines and create builds for a wide selection of operating systems and actually test them.

If I tried to test them without hardware acceleration it would be painfully slow even running bare metal. So inside a virtual machine would be even worse.

The short version of the story is I can make releases for different operating systems without needing to actually install all of those operating systems on my system.


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