Voice chat on the way.

I'm getting pretty close to getting the voice chat feature to work. That is a good thing as that is the functionality promised for 0.3.0.

Right now I'm getting sound when I should the problem is the sound is garbage. So I'm thinking that the message is corrupt somehow. The frequency, length, and such are fixed for voice streaming so I don't think it is a bad setting there.

I suppose I could be capturing from the wrong device or something. That could get interesting.

Anyway I'm probably gonna hit the sack and work on it tomorrow. I'm getting tired.

One more thing though I added buffer recycling functionality to sound sources. That will keep streaming from eating up all the xram for those that have it.

Also as usual I have added my standard set of bug fixes that I have already forgotten. I sure am glad I have source control lol.

Also I split the sound sources amongst voice chat & misc sounds. The sound sources don't seem to like being switched back and forth between different sound types. That really is a shame though it makes my job that much harder.

Some of you will have laugh when you see how I split up the sound sources. The number that are sent to the voice chat pool is the total divided by seven multiplied by three.

As I was coding that Job from the Bible popped into my head. He had seven sons and three daughters. I just double checked. The reference is Job 1:2 if anyone cares.

So, I guess I should call it the Job algorithm haha. But anyway that should to the trick. Misc sounds get over half that way.

Alright this is enough work for tonight I'm gonna go shower and sleep.


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