0.4.0 Released

Finally, 0.4.0 is ready to go. There is a nice list of improvements as well. As is my custom I slipped a few extras into this release making it the best release yet I hope.

As promised you can now switch between maps using warp scene nodes. There isn't any validation on the server yet but that will be hard to do until I start implementing the database code.

I also have greatly improved the camera. For one I moved the camera movement to the right click which seems to be more standard. Also you can look up and down now. I also added a collision response animator to the camera so it will collide with the floor and ceiling(if inside) which keeps it from going through things. It will automatically near in those cases proving much better camera angles without manual tweaking. That should make it easier to explore the game once we have something to explore.

Also there is a warp command which will allow you to warp to a map based on index. This functionality will be disabled at some point but it is a valuable testing tool for now. I used it early on to test the map changing code as an example.

The mouse scrolling works a bit better as well because it adjusts for the addition of the vertical movement. So all around the camera works more like people will expect.

Avery aka GraphicsTinker has added some new models and such but nothing extensive. I blame counter strike. :-)

This is a source release. I did build on Linux I'm not bundling another binary release this time around. I still haven't gotten a build environment that is usable for mac, bsd, or Open Solaris.

I have created a 0.4.0 branch for this version. those wishing to play with it only need to get latest from that branch and install the dependencies listed in "Requirements.txt" in the root folder.


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