0.5.0 Released

I finally got 0.5.0 out the door.

As promised this version sports a party system that allows players to form parties and use party chat. You can also leave & kick people from parties as you would expect. All of the above are done from commands though as there is now scene node interaction menu systems in place yet.

The pieces that are the same for guilds have been implemented as well so the next release should go smoothly for the most part. Although It may still need the same or more amount of time because of the extra stuff I will need to implement to get guilds working correctly.

I have also added a bonus feature. You can now get a list of all players in the world, your current map, your guild, or your party. This is done through the who or list command. They default to world but by adding "map", "guild", or "party" to the end it will modify the default behavior.

I also added some more cross platform fixes to the code base to help build this thing on more platforms. As a result I was able to build the client & server on free bsd. There are some dynamic linking issues on my build machine though so they don't work. Your mileage may very. If you get it to work shoot me an email and let me know if you did anything special.

I almost got it to build on the mac but it was unable to link against irrlicht.so and it was complaining about casting to and from some openal typedefs. I haven't had that problem on any other platforms so I'm guessing the typedefs are highly irregular. Either that or the compiler is super strict on mac. It is gcc4 though so I wouldn't think that would be the issue.

So the short version of the story is windows build great.
Linux should work but I haven't tested it as well as windows.
FreeBSD may work but I wouldn't count on it.
Mac probably won't work unless you do some major hacking. In which case sending me some diffs would be helpful.

Just like normal I have created a branch in svn for 0.5.0 so those of you wishing to play with relatively stable code can have at it. However keep in mind once I pass a release I'm done with it can move back into development never to return. What I mean is I'm not supporting old branches.

I didn't make a binary release this time around because there is little point because of the lack of testing on the other platforms and also because this is what I would call a minor milestone. I'm not sure when my next binary release will be.


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