0.6.0 Released

I have finally released 0.6.0. As promised players now have the ability to form guilds add ranks to those guilds & assign permissions to the ranks. I also fixed the security checks related to kicking, inviting, and modifying ranks.

There is no eye candy in this release. It is mostly just a technical update. There are still Allot to be done before this will be a playable game. Some of that is just interface improvements and some is back end functionality that is completely missing at this point.

As with the last release I was able to build for windows, Linux, and FreeBSD. However FreeBSD gives me a seg fault when I try to login to a server. This may have more to do with the state of my system but I don't want to let people think that it is working perfectly only to get a big fat error when they try to test it.

Also Linux is largely untested. I'm pretty sure it should work but I haven't run it for any notable amount of time. Also I haven't tested most of the features.

Windows is the exception I have tested the functionality I have added pretty well on this platform. Not our of favoritism but because it is the operating system I have been developing on.

The ranking system is pretty cool I think although right now modifying will create a rank if it doesn't exist. That probably won't been an issue once I get some sort of UI for it in place.

I have modified the project roadmap a little. It is a little long than first listed. Mostly I just added a new revision for UI implovements because I haven't been giving that much attention. I have done it this way because I didn't want to delay this release anymore and I haven't decided how I want to layout the guild, party, etc menus. Normally that type of thing would be planned out in advance but UI isn't my speciality so I tend to put it off. That is double true for fun projects.

Ok, standard speech. As usual I have created a branch for this revision so the source can be downloaded and built relatively easy. Once you have the build envirnment setup anyway. Good luck on that part though. It is specially a pain on FreeBSD. Mac is also a pain so much so that I haven't finished working on making this build under Mac. Even after I got a patched version of codeblocks I was unable to produce a binary for Mac.

So sorry folks no Mac binary yet. Although if someone wants to try to make one be my guest.


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