BSD build

I woke up this morning and decided I would like to try to build on BSD. I had been planning on holding off so I could focus on features but I got lazy and decided to play with BSD.

However I have yet to get this think working the way I want. I keep having all of these build errors with the stuff in ports. It reminds me of using the unstable branch in Gentoo. Except I think it is a little worse than that.

This makes me kind of sad as bsd fans claim it is so great but it seems like it is still behind the curve in terms of packages management. I can't really judge it on the UI because it uses xorg and the standard collection of window managers and such you would use on Linux.

Oh, well I don't have to like it I'm just trying to get a build out for people that do like it. It may grow on me though. I thought Linux was a pain in I started using it. Of course back then the GUI was useless and you had to use command line stuff for everything important which was hard for a newbie.

On a lighter note my mapper decided to create a blog.


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