Compiler Change Complete

I finally was able to switch over to Microsoft's Visual C compiler for the windows version. It was a big pain. I ran into issues with my string related functions. I was passing const char* around but MSC decided those needed to get cleaned up before they actually made it through the chain of calls.

So I switched to std:string which is probably safer anyway but I passed them by reference at first. That however caused more or less the same problem with a few extra issues here and there. So what I ended up doing is just passing them by value. So what that means is I'm copying them one or two times before they get to the function that uses them to load the related resource. This isn't that great from a performance standpoint but it works flawlessly and I know for sure they are getting cleaned up after they go out of scope.

But anyway the short version of the story is that after many hours of pain and suffering I was able to get it to compile & link with Microsoft's Visual C stuff.

One side note though the inclusion of Python broke my Linux build environment. That apparently is a result of me using a old version of boost that doesn't include it or something. So that is what I'm working on ATM.


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