Guilds are in the house

I took a break after the last release. Mostly because my friend Avery & I were a little burnt out on our normal routine. Also it is good to break things up now and again.

However tonight I hit the ground running and I'm happy to say that the version in the development branch is now able to create guilds. You can also now create a party as a separate step from inviting someone. Some games require this but I made it optional.

I still need to add guild management features and I also just realized that nothing happens when the leader of a guild or party leaves. That should actually cause the guild or party to break and return everyone to guild or party zero. Which of course means no guild or party.

I'm thinking about how I want the ranks and stuff to work I may allow the user to change the bitmask for now. later I will add a nice friendly GUI but I'm not very good at that stuff so I'm not sure if I will add it to this comming release. However I should probably add GUI stuff for all of this stuff before 1.0.0 though.

I guess maybe I may have to adjust the road map a bit not really adding anything but more like breaking it down further and better defining a few things. I never promised GUIs for this stuff but most users won't get the command stuff.

Power users will love this stuff though. They can do most of the in game stuff from the chat box lol. It's like the unix style mmorpg haha. Once I have macros it will be even cooler.

Well anyway I'll work on the roadmap tommorrow sometime. I need to shower and sleep now I'm tired.


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