wrappers are boring.

So, as you know I'm working on the python wrappers. It is a good bit for work partly because I have had to make a few tweaks to make to my c++ code to make it wrapper friendly.

It is pretty boring stuff though. I don't get to see any results really until I get almost done with the wrapper code. I have some of the basic server objects wrapped but none that actually do anything.
Also wrapper code is kind of plain I mean your basically throwing duplicating your interface. I'm just glad boost's python stuff makes it so easy otherwise I would probably go crazy implementing this stuff.

Oh well I guess it will all pay off in the end. Once the server is scriptable I might be able to talk some people into some python development to ease the burden on me. At least as far as skills, NPC, and quests.

Well gonna go to bed earlyish tonight signing off.


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