0.7.0 a long way off?

I have been focused on school allot lately so I haven't made much progress on the 0.7.0 release. I could probably release what I have as 0.7.0 but I don't feel like I have added enough functionality to warrant a release. I guess that is because I chose "scripting" as the milestone which is meaningless without something to script. I have technically added the ability to run python scripts to the server. However right now there is no point in doing this except maybe doing some added value stuff on some server events. So long story short part of the delay is just because of poor milestone selection on my part.

On a more positive note I have made some good progress on adding a browser to the game. I'm now using llmozlib. Which basically allows me to embed firefox in my game. The main hangup right now is that they don't have binaries. It is source only. Not that I can say much I only release binaries once in a blue moon but it makes it hard to develop against a library if there is no formal SDK. But I guess mozilla does the same thing so they are merely following the trend of the components they are using. Complaining aside this will be a major advancement if I can get it to work. I'm not sure when that will be though.

I have to write a draft research paper this week and who knows what else. I think I have to write a paper about a campaign to accomplish my information system plan for my pretend business. Silly college assignments that don't really help in the real world. I also have presentations coming up which I haven't actually started on. Sigh, I should probably get on that soon. I really wish that I didn't have so much busy work. It would be one thing if the assignments were meaningful but some of the stuff is just filling space it seems like. Oh well at least I'm getting some writing practice in.

Complaining aside I have one final order of business I'm planning on editing the road map again. I need to refine it more. Also I plan to add tasks to the source forge page so I can better keep track of progress. Alright I have to go to class in like an hour peace out yall.


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