Another random distraction.

I just finished the roll or random command. So now players can roll for the loot that doesn't exist. Or you know gamble highest die wins. I'm kidding of course but I did add the roll command. I wanted to do it for a while but I was waiting to get more important functionality in place before adding fluff. Of course I'm super bored of working on the scripting stuff but there isn't enough script enabled functionality for me to call it a release. So while I'm working on that stuff you can probably count on a "random" bit of functionality here and there. After working on so much client stuff it is hard to work in server side never see the light of day business logic.

Well anyway truth be told I probably wouldn't have worked on the project at all tonight but I ate late so I had to wait a bit before hitting the sack. However I'm probably gonna call it a night now.


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