Death of Awesomium

So, some of you may have noticed that the Awesomium library is no longer available for download. At least not under a free license. Near as I can tell from the site the author created a company and intends to sell the library along with other products. While this may work for Him this makes it unusable for Enigma. The reason is of course one of my project goals is to use only open source software that is compatible with close source usage. This is just another example of the limitations this imposes. However my goal in all of this is to prove that it is indeed possible to construct a high quality product that leverages open source while still allowing closed source development.

Another side to this whole deal is that if I included Awesomium I would need to pass the licensing on to the people using the software. That's just not gonna fly. It is a shame because I had decided that Awesomium was the best available but now it looks like I may have to build my own interface. I guess it is just as well because Awesomium didn't have Linux support probably because chromes support is sketchy at best. This may change in the future but I'm counting on the Linux community to help make this project fly so I can't alienate such a helpful community.

At any rate I happen to be a Linux user myself so I would be limiting myself as well. So in the end what I'm planning is to use the embedding information available for Mozilla to make my Irrlicht browser UI element. This will be more work and will further delay the release of version one.

But hey what can I do stuff happens. I'm planning on digging back into the code really soon however like I have said I will have much less time to work on the project than I have had in the past. College is pretty heavy on homework this go around at least so far.


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