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0.7.0 Blockers

I got the embedded browser working on windows. I'm super excited about it. I do have one issue with it though and that is the return & backspace keys don't work properly. I have looked over my code and it should work but it doesn't. I'm still happy about the progress though. Anyway that bug is the first blocker I have to fix before I feel comfortable releasing 0.7.0.

The next blocker is that the latest version of Irrlicht introduced some sort of bug that makes gravity not work sometimes. And in the case of Enigma all the time. This is a pretty big deal. I posted on the forums and got a possible fix but it doesn't work inside enigma. It does however fix the issue in my sample code that exhibits the faulty behavior. Regardless I may have to wait for another release before I can get this working again. Or roll back but then I would lose all of the upgrades and bugfixes.

The final blocker is pretty fuzzy. The scripting seems like it needs a little something extra bef…

0.7.0 status

I decided to drop llmozlib. I found a gecko offscreen renderer SDK. It is based on the gecko SDK from Mozilla. Now there is only an SDK for Windows so I'll have to build it from source and possibly hack the code base to bring this support to Linux & Mac. So as a result in this release I'm not going to add browser support to Linux and Mac. Not because I value those platforms less or anything it is just easier to get this release out if I don't bite off so much in one go.

Also I broke the browser out into a static library. That should simplify things because there will be allot of effort into building that piece. So much so that I think it warrants it's own project. Perhaps if I get some volunteers I'll cut them lose on it. That will be one area where people will for sure want to use it later. They may even want to use it now if it is working. I haven't tested the code which means chances are good it doesn't work at all.

Also for some reason I was feeling a…


I just have to vent. I have been trying to get llmozlib to build in my spare time which to be honest I don't have all that much of right now. And I can't get the stupid thing to build. For one you have to download an old version of firefox then you apply their patches to the code. Then you have to get an old version of Microsoft's compiler and finally you need an old version of the Windows & Platform SDK. And after following the instructions to the best of my ability I got a compiler error. I'm not an angry person but I could explode with anger right now. If your going to make a library you really need to release an sdk with headers and binaries especially if it is that much of a pain to compile.

I think the project is dead though so I wouldn't be surprised if an sdk was on the someday list. *angry words*