adventures with an intel mac

Another quarter a college has begun. So for a couple weeks at least I'm back to school. My project management class is meeting in a conference room instead of a lab and naturally the class focuses on effective use of Microsoft Project. Ugh, well done administration well done. At any rate being the high performers we are all of us checked Microsoft Project out of the school library and planned to bring laptops in to work on. Those of us that have them anyway.

This is where my adventure began. For you see my laptop is an Intel Mac and Microsoft Project is Windows only. I thought no big deal I'll just use boot camp and everything will go smoothly. Reality set in when I realized that officially boot camp requires a full install disc for Windows XP service pack two or later. As someone who upgrades every version I don't have any full versions except for my old oem laptop that bit the dust. Just years and years of upgrades. And to top it off my Windows XP Pro disc which was the only license not in use was service pack one.

Of course I could always buy a new full copy of windows but being tight as I am I wasn't about to pay for another windows license when I had one I wasn't using. Even if it wasn't the latest and greatest. So what did I do well I copied the files from my xp pro disc to a folder on my hard drive. Then I extracted service pack 3 and used the update utility to apply the update to the windows disc folder. Then I downloaded a boot image from a tutorial site and followed their instructions for slipstreaming. Slipstreaming by the way is the process of adding updates to a set of installation files. Now I actually have a couple windows XP Pro discs one won't boot and the other is missing critical files so I had to do some merging to get everything I needed but I finally get a working disc after much pain and suffering.

Now as I said it was an upgrade but fortunately I had a backup external drive when a copy of a windows install so I plugged that guy in for the install so it wouldn't ask me for my Windows 98 disc which I have of course but you can't eject the disc from the Intel Mac's drive without either a supporting operating system or using the emergency eject that requires a restart.

So I finally got my Mac dual booting with Windows XP Pro & Max OS X. As a matter of fact that is what I'm creating this post on. So I'm already for class next Monday.

And the programmer lived happily ever after or at least until Thursday(his next class).


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