My other project

Anyone keeping tabs on the Enigma project may have noticed I haven't been making steady progress like I have been in the past. One reason for this is going back to school but another reason is that I have picked up another programming project.

This one is a completely different matter though. It is targeted at windows and is written in C#. What kind of application you may ask well a point of sale system. It will probably be a bit more advanced than your average point of sale system by the time I'm ready to use it. And by use it I mean there is talk of using it in a business or possibly selling licenses of it to small businesses.

It is still pretty early on though I don't have anything even worth doing a demo yet. Although I'm hopeful that by the time I graduate it will be production quality.

I want to point out that this does not mean that Enigma is dead. It simply means that I'm not working on it right now. I'm in part waiting for another Irrlicht release that fixes the bugs they introduced in 1.5.1 because I'm to stubborn to rollback.

Also nobody else on the project wants to do anything. I'm ultimately stuck if I don't have any sample levels or models to work with.

PS. I'm on holiday break from school but I have an annotated bibliography and some other miscellaneous stuff that is due after break. So just because of that I may not get much work on either done. And also my friend got ODST, BOOM HEADSHOT.


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