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right-click death!

I'm making pretty good progress overall but there is one bug that pops up now and again. When I right-click to rotate the camera the client freezes. Sometimes it does it and sometimes it does not. I thought I had it fixed a few revisions ago but it started doing it again for reasons yet unknown. I actually tried commenting out the code that handles the context menu thinking that might be causing it. But it still froze. Further more I threw some cout calls in there and it was for sure getting past that code before freezing. It's like it executes all of my code and then freezes. It's the strangest thing. Also I checked that whole section of code and I saw no recursive calls and no loops that should be unable to meet their condition. So I don't know how it could possibly be an infinite loop but that is what it looks like.

I'm thinking about starting to work on the Linux build again. The reason is mostly so I can see if it happens on another platform. Kind of a silly re…

job hunt, school work, and enigma oh my!

I have been pretty busy with school work lately I haven't been posting as much as I would like. This of course means that some details are lost to time. However here is basically what I have been up to on the Enigma project. I realized they my horrible performance was from some sort of bug related the the irrlicht collision detection. I commented out my code that added the collision response scene node to the scene and my fps went from 20 to 500. That was a bit of a relief to me because I was concerned that my engines performance was going to be so bad that it would be unplayable with any relatively complex scene.

So after that I started looking into other options for physics in the game I tried to whip up a ode based system with mixed results. I then was going to give bullet a try however it appears bullet will not compile with the 2003 toolkit. Which some of you may know I need to maintain compatibility with some of the stuff I'm using like the gecko SDK wrapper. Apparently i…

0.7.0 mixed results

I fixed a few issues that were discovered after the 0.7.0 release. It is still a good release but not a stable as I thought it was going to be. I have been working on homework allot so I haven't gotten around to working on it more however I may work on it a bit more tonight. Tomorrow I have class so that is a no go. Unless I get like no homework :-). A guy can dream.

0.7.0 Released

Finally, 0.7.0 has been released. It took me a while to get this one polished up enough to call a release. However this release is sporting some nice goodies. The big one is the in game browser using the gecko rendering engine. And the other is server side scripting. There isn't a whole lot to that yet but it is a good start. I have also switched the whole project to the 7.1 c runtime and the 2003 platform SDK. The reason for this is mostly compatibility.

As usual I have included some nice extras namely the ability to select character, monster, and npc scene nodes. That will tie nicely into the next release. It also gives everyone a chance to play with the targeting system before I'm to far into coding against it. Also you can right click on a target to access the entity context menu that allows most of the common options you would expect. One caution on that though it isn't working just yet. For one thing characters don't exist so that information isn't available t…

0.7.0 close at hand.

I have some good news for anyone keeping tabs on this project. The 0.7.0 release is close to ready with a few changes. One is that I won't be providing binaries for all three supported platforms. The reason for this is mostly that I'm having issues issues with build environments. As a matter of fact I have spent more time lately messing with the build environment on Windows than actually programming. For that matter I still have one outstanding regression that appears to have nothing to do with any of my code. So in short if I'm ever going to get this thing working I need to focus a bit more. In theory if I use all cross platform code I can work out the build issues at the end. By the end I mean 1.0.0. It may seem unfair to delay Mac & Linux releases and it probably is but I just plain don't have the time. Maybe I'll get some Mac & Linux build maintainers.

Anyway there is only one known blocker preventing me from releasing version 0.7.0 and that is the above…

me vs c

I've been working a bit on Enigma over the holidays. I have however discovered a pretty nasty regression. The problem is that I have no idea what is causing it because whatever exception is getting thrown it isn't based on std::exception. So I have no information at all about what is causing the crash. Anyway the issues is basically that if you try to use any command the application dies instantly. What command you use doesn't matter. I'm pretty sure this was all working before I reinstalled my computer. So I'm wondering if it has to do with my build environment.

I also found out the enigma server has a dependency on the 7.1 Microsoft c runtime. For what reason I don't know. I found that out because I was clearing out unused libraries and I got an exception complaining about the that library being missing. So I threw it back in the folder and sure enough it was happy as a lark. That bothers me because I"m pretty sure everything is linking against 9.0. Sigh,…