0.7.0 close at hand.

I have some good news for anyone keeping tabs on this project. The 0.7.0 release is close to ready with a few changes. One is that I won't be providing binaries for all three supported platforms. The reason for this is mostly that I'm having issues issues with build environments. As a matter of fact I have spent more time lately messing with the build environment on Windows than actually programming. For that matter I still have one outstanding regression that appears to have nothing to do with any of my code. So in short if I'm ever going to get this thing working I need to focus a bit more. In theory if I use all cross platform code I can work out the build issues at the end. By the end I mean 1.0.0. It may seem unfair to delay Mac & Linux releases and it probably is but I just plain don't have the time. Maybe I'll get some Mac & Linux build maintainers.

Anyway there is only one known blocker preventing me from releasing version 0.7.0 and that is the above mentioned regression that broke the in game browser. As I mentioned above I don't think it actually has anything to do with the code though. I think it is because when I switched my build environment I ended up with a different runtime. The OffScreenGecko library that I'm using was probably built with an incompatible version. At least that is my best guess. At any rate I may end up trying to role back to an older version of the c runtime. That may fix some other non critical issues as well. I guess issues like these are why technologies like DotNet & Java are taking over.

I added stubs for video playback support. None of that code is working yet but that functionality isn't due until 0.8.0. I was just working on some cleanups in the area and decided to throw that stuff in there while I was thinking about it. As with the browser the video play is contained in a static library to make it easier to add into other projects. Also it reduces the build times on the client a little.

Next I added the ability to target characters, monsters, and Npcs. Also there is an indicated above the selected entity. Right now it is a blue circle but I hope to get/make a better graphic for future use. Also I added a context menu that includes options for dueling, trading, whispering, invite/kick from party/guild, and talk(Npc). Obviously some of those will not work with the current state of the project but some of them work somewhat and will make it easier to implement the UI for those features later.

I'm pretty excited about this progress for the most part. Soon 0.7.0. will be out although I start back to school tomorrow so I'll be back to having almost no time to work on it.


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