0.7.0 Released

Finally, 0.7.0 has been released. It took me a while to get this one polished up enough to call a release. However this release is sporting some nice goodies. The big one is the in game browser using the gecko rendering engine. And the other is server side scripting. There isn't a whole lot to that yet but it is a good start. I have also switched the whole project to the 7.1 c runtime and the 2003 platform SDK. The reason for this is mostly compatibility.

As usual I have included some nice extras namely the ability to select character, monster, and npc scene nodes. That will tie nicely into the next release. It also gives everyone a chance to play with the targeting system before I'm to far into coding against it. Also you can right click on a target to access the entity context menu that allows most of the common options you would expect. One caution on that though it isn't working just yet. For one thing characters don't exist so that information isn't available to the client. So targeting for those options isn't quite there yet.

This is mainly a source release however I'm uploading a binary package for windows to the source forge page. My apologies to any Linux or Mac users out there that were looking forward to this release but I don't have to time to make progress and then go through testing phases on three platforms. Not with school. I may not work on this any more until next week though because I still have some homework to do before next week. Alright peace out, have fun playing with this release.


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